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Super Nut possesses ample professional expertise and excellent quality, making them a reliable partner in every aspect, from mold development design to PPAP development and mass production delivery | We undertake OEM products and automotive components across various industries, aiming to become a globally recognized manufacturer of hardware fasteners.

Super Nut possesses ample professional expertise and excellent quality, making them a reliable partner in every aspect, from mold development design to PPAP development and mass production delivery

About Super Nut

Super Nut provides and manufactures multistage cold formed fastener product solutions

Super Nut Industrial Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan, specializes in manufacturing cold formed fasteners. Established in Changhua, Taiwan in August 2009, our company has consistently produced a variety of multistage cold-formed metallic fasteners, including nuts and rivet nuts ever since.

At the early stage, we served a variety of markets, especially in industrial equipment, home appliances and exporting for distributions. Since 2013, when we entered the automotive market cooperating with multiple renowned distributors, we have been gradually upgrading our facility, and delivered numerous OEM parts mostly to the automotive industry and also other markets such as home appliances.

Throughout our nearly 15 years of continuous improvement, we have been consistently crafting and broadening our production ability and quality concepts and aiming to become a globally representative cold formed hardware fastener manufacturer.

Corporate Philosophy

Under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Hank Chou, Super Nut believes that "The employees create profit, and profit should be shared with the employees." This philosophy places individuals at the core of our success, with each staff member being pivotal to the company's growth and well-being.

The second generation of the family members have been actively involved in the company for several years. They follow the founder's core values - "Integrity, Respect, Compatibility, Righteousness, Modesty and Co-prosperity". The members integrate traditional and modern corporations, implement a new leading mindset, value efficient communications and commit to training programs for staff expertise growth and technical innovation, which lead employees towards greater milestones.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mr. Hank Chou follows the business philosophy of "Take from society, use for society." While striving for corporate growth, it is equally important to contribute to the maintenance of public welfare and the sustainable development of environmental ecology in society.

August, 2009Super Nut Industrial Ltd. established.
March, 2010Super Nut obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification.
July, 2010Purchased the 1st Optical Sorting Machine.
June, 2011Purchased the 2nd Optical Sorting Machine.
July, 2013Super Nut obtained ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification.
November, 2014Relocated to the current 3,000-square-meter site.
December, 2014Purchased 5 Thread Tapping Machines (15 units in total).
March, 2018Purchased a 6-staged Cold Former (10 units in total).
May, 2018Super Nut obtained IATF 16949:2016 certification.
October, 2018Company name changed to "Super Nut Industrial Co., Ltd."
June, 2021Upgrade the 1st Optical Sorting Machine.
September, 2021The second site construction initiated.
November, 2021Awarded as an exceptional corporation under "Junior cooperative workforce development program".
July, 2022Implement Industrial IOT.
October, 2022TTQS (Talent Quality-management System) certified.
"Cooperative workforce development program" initiated.
January, 2023Initiation of Corporate Human Resources Enhancement Program.
July, 20232023 Digital Transformation Workshop for the Metal Products Industry
Get the Merit Corporate Transformation Excellence.
August, 2023Purchased the second De-Oiling Machine.