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Multistage cold forming products, Hardware Fastener with internal thread, Blind Rivet Nuts (standard or customized), Bolt rivet nuts, Sex bolts, Self-clinching fastener parts | We undertake OEM products and automotive components across various industries, aiming to become a globally recognized manufacturer of hardware fasteners.

Multistage cold forming products, Hardware Fastener with internal thread, Blind Rivet Nuts (standard or customized), Bolt rivet nuts, Sex bolts, Self-clinching fastener parts

Production Line

Super Nut: Self‑enhancement for the in-house machinery, 40-year Multistage cold forming products, a professional multistage cold formed metal fastener manufacturer

Super Nut holds over 40 years of experience in production of cold formed products, starting from 1-die 2-blow cold formers, we have developed our process ability up to 5-die 5-blow or 6-die 6-blow cold formers, which play big roles among our processes. Our process range for fasteners is down to 3-mm wire diameter, and up to 105-mm part length, covering the scope including standard blind rivet nuts (European and American), customized blind rivet nuts, bolt rivet nuts, customized multistage cold-formed parts, sex bolts (barrel nut and barrel bolt), and clinching parts (clinching nut, clinching stud, and clinching standoff). Additionally, customization services are offered to meet customer requirements for materials and specifications.

Super Nut possesses vertically integrated production resources and services, offering customers a one-stop solution from material selection, production mold design, cold forging technology capabilities, thread tapping technology capabilities, and more to the final product. This comprehensive service aims to shorten customer development time and reduce costs.

Advancing Innovation in Cold Formed Fasteners and Smart Manufacturing Solutions

As a multistage cold formed metallic fastener manufacturer, Super Nut not only produces standard products but also continuously enhances the research and development of multistage cold formed metallic fastener processes. The company manufactures competitive products with high added value, focusing on small quantities and diverse special customized products to meet the varied needs of different industries.

In terms of hardware, Super Nut has implemented "Smart Machine Box (SMB) Plan" to implement smart manufacturing. Through system data collection and real-time production data analysis, the company can effectively monitor production conditions and quickly adjust machine deployment schedules, thereby enhancing production efficiency.


Production Line | Your Source for Durable Multistage Cold Forged Fasteners

Super Nut is a leading manufacturer specializing in high quality multi-stage cold forged fasteners and hardware products. With a robust product line that includes rivet nuts, rivet studs, sleeve nuts and blind rivet studs, we serve a diverse range of industrial needs worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures reliable, precision engineered fastening solutions that meet the highest standards. Trusted by businesses around the world, Super Nut continues to set the standard in the fastener industry by providing unparalleled product quality and customer service.

Super Nut was founded in Changhua, Taiwan. The company primarily serving in the Industrial fastening for both OEM and aftermarket , which includes in the sectors of Automotive, Electronics, Home Appliances and Constructional use. Combined with powerful capacity, our production specialty includes Rivet Nut production, Multistage cold forming parts, Clinching parts, or any sort of fasteners that are applied in the installation process.

Super Nut has been providing customers with environmentally friendly fastener solutions since 2009, with both advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Super Nut ensures that each customer's needs are met.